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APOM pour femme - grey vs. golden cap

APOM pour femme - grey vs. golden cap 9 years ago
I just bought - from a reliable store - "APOM pour femme" by Maison Francis Kurkdjian.

My bottle has a golden cap.

As the Parfumo perfume page shows the bottle with a grey cap, and members' photos on that page show both the grey cap bottle and the golden cap bottle,

I wonder if it was reformulated and which version is the first and which is the second.

Thank you.
9 years ago
This topic has now 34 hits but nobody knows the answer.

What I have, smells good. However, the decant from The Perfumed Court is stronger. How can that be?

I will just be content with the version I have and spray more. Good stuff whatever the bottle cap.
9 years ago
I saw the bottle at Neiman Marcus and it was a golden cap one.
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