Foren-Übersicht Perfume Recommendations I want something that smells heavenly, mild & sweet.
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KeppyKeppy I want something that smells heavenly, mild & sweet. 24.01.2015, 07:34
hello ladies, I need your help here.
a girlfriend of mine needs a fragrance, and
she gave me these criterias;
"something not toxic, no alcohol, smells
heavenly, as mild as a baby's bum and as
sweet as a flower's nectar"
please recommend some (about 3 or 4) for
me...designers only. thanks!

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CrypticCryptic 24.01.2015, 14:45
Maybe something from the Philosophy line? Omnia is sweet and not exactly a sillage bomb. Technically it's discontinued but you can still find it at Fragrancenet. Those are the scents that come to mind immediately but I'll give it some more thought.

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SleuthSleuth 24.01.2015, 15:47
I'm not a lady, but I'll give some suggestions anyway:

- "Coco Mademoiselle": a mild and good combination of orange and rose, though not very sweet
- Versace Woman: sweet raspberry combined with soft flowers. Some perfume vetarans might find this boring. But I think it smells appealing. And if your friend is not a perfume person (yet), then this might be the right thing for her.
- "Jour d'Hermès": fresh citrus + soft flowers + smooth & clean musk in the dry down. It's not sweet but it's very mild. Hermès can be difficult to find, except online...

PS. I see you're from Nigeria. That's cool, this forum is really international! What perfumes do women and men from your country generally like? I heard that people from different parts of the world like different fragrances.

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DulcemioDulcemio 24.01.2015, 16:34
From the very affordable to the very expensive, these are three of my faves that I would describe that way. Mind you, I don't own the third one, but hope to someday. Wink

Grain de Soleil

Vanille Exquise

"Lyric Woman"

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FlavoriteFlavorite 10.02.2015, 18:01
1. Muschio- Santa Maria Novella (Powdery, gentle)
2. Musc Bleu- IL Profvmo- (Ylang, clean musk, geranium)
3. Lann- Ael- Lostmarch (Milk, vanilla, buckwheat cereal, baked apple)
4. Perfect Veil- Sarah Horowitz
5. Cashmere Mist- Donna Karan

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PipettePipette 10.02.2015, 19:08
Grain de Soleil


(I was immediately thinking of that.)

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ScentFanScentFan 04.03.2015, 05:37
Amethyst by Lalique
Paul Smith Rose by Paul Smith

both light, both divine

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OmniOmni 11.03.2015, 10:16
Kelly Caleche by Hermes

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PapaveroPapavero 17.04.2015, 11:14
Kenzo Amour
L`Eau de Kenzo Amour
Gucci Premiere
Narciso Rodriguez Essence

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LilauLilau 26.04.2015, 17:25
Place Vendôme (Eau de Toilette)Very Happy

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Foren-Übersicht Perfume Recommendations I want something that smells heavenly, mild & sweet.

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