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Oldies but Goodies - Cashmere Mist

Oldies but Goodies - Cashmere Mist 7 years ago
I've decided to start a Weekly Scent discussion thread where we can use the weekly scent as a jumping off point to discuss materials, impressions, genres, noses, and the different things that we associate with it. I decided to start with an old classic I love, Donna Karan's "Cashmere [email protected]".

I haven't done a proper review of this. I need to collect all my wear notes together so I can get one down. This scent always wows me when I put it on. There is something about it that reminds me of taking a blanket from the hot dryer and snuggling in it's warmth with a cup of something hot and comforting. I also get images of rubbing my face in my cats fur when he's been sitting in the sun. It's not an anamalic scent but one of warmth, softness, and comfort. What are your experiences?

The scent wears so well I feel like I should have paid a much higher price for it. Other Woody, suede, musky scents have not managed to create this same snuggle effect for me. I do however get a hint of this feeling in Burberry Burberry Woman though. I was surprised because the notes are so different from each other. Why is that I wonder?

Do you think It's possible to create a scent that wears like this with the current scent regulations or is this magic a thing of the past?
7 years ago
Cool thread, Briarthorn. Sorry to say that I'm not familiar with Cashmere Mist, which sounds very special, but I hope other people who are will reply because it should make for a good conversation. Nice to have you here at Parfumo. Smile
7 years ago
Another scent which I find very similar to Cashmere Mist is "Artemisia (Eau de Parfum)" by Penhaligon's. Nectarine in the top notes, Violet, Jasmine and Lily-of-the-Valley in the middle and and Musk, Vanilla, Sandalwood and Amber in the base. It has the same 'romantic' soft fuzzy feel, like a sheer peach chiffon dress in the summer warmth. Will there be another iconic scent like Cashmere mist created in the next decade? Tough to predict, but I certainly hope so! Great topic!
7 years ago
Another scent which I find very similar to Cashmere Mist is "Artemisia (Eau de Parfum)" by Penhaligon's.

Oh, okay. Now I have a point of reference. Artemisia is like a lullaby -- perfect for times when you're feeling delicate or fragile and want to cosset yourself in something soft and tender. Hopefully there will always be a demand for that type of comfort scent, Briarthorn. Excellent observation about some of the raw materials that were used in the golden oldies. Unfortunately it's difficult to synthetically replicate the Mysore sandalwood and nitro musks which made some of the magical classics possible. :/
Yea, definately the musk. 7 years ago
I've never tried the Artmisia, but I'll be on the look out for it now.

I think It's the musk. That's what I'm settling on. It's the musk that makes this one so wonderful. It's clean and almost sweet (not candy like at all but maybe it's actually the vanilla I'm smelling...). It blends so well with the woods and leathers that it presents that beautiful out of the dryer loveliness. It also has that comforting warm cat fur thing going on. It's reminiscent of the musk in Jovan White musk and I suspect what I pick up on in Burberry Woman.

Cryptic you mentioned nitro musk. I'm not familiar with that. Is that what is used here?
7 years ago
The nitro musks were phased out in the '70s because they were photosensitizing and were replaced by the polycyclics. Not sure what's used in Jovan's White Musk. Galaxolide, maybe? Someone else might know.
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