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Prada l'homme 11 months ago

I tried it again today after more than a year.
I've always liked the smell but contrary to what many say about me it never lasted very long, 2 hours if that's okay.
today after more than a year I wanted to try it again and at first I was a little shocked ... I didn't remember it had a metallic-acidulous opening.
now my doubt is: did you also remember such an opening or did my flanker go bad despite having kept it in the dark and not at high temperatures? at this point to buy back the same bottle ... do I buy the absolu version that I don't have?

thank you.

11 months ago

Metallic-acidulous sounds to me like the perfume is no longer good. I had the fragrance for a very long time and still like it very much. I definitely do not remember such a note - does not sound like Prada.

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