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Oz website for decants/samples...

Oz website for decants/samples... 9 years ago
I came across Scent Sample, a sample site based in Australia.. I thought I would share this with members from Oz who may be looking for a local site to grab some samples themselves. (Hope this isn't against the rules).

I just received my purchase of 10 designer samples which arrived individually bubble wrapped & placed in a lovely gift box.

9 years ago
Good detective work ZeZe.
Only yesterday we Aussies were discussing this very subject on another thread in the forum.
Seems to be only popular celeb/designer, many of which I could smell in-store somewhere, but nevertheless it's good to see a local service like this and know samples can be had of these ones. Thanks for sharing - all we need now is a niche/indie sample service!
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9 years ago
Interesting. Their collection is quite small and almost all of them perfumes you can easily acquire here already from places such as Chemist Warehouse, so the usefulness is minimal, but with that in mind if this is a site still expanding and they plan to stock perfumes that aren't easily available I can see this becoming a much appreciate site.

Thanks for sharing, I'll have to keep my eye on them.
9 years ago
@ MRoth - I agree, adding niche bottles will appeal to a broader audience. Not cheap to get into though.

I find sampling in store doesn't give you the best experience (if you meant spraying on card or skin). I also tend to over sample when I'm in a store, curiosity gets the better of me.
Having a sales rep breathing down your neck dulls the moment.

@ Triffid - Prices adjust when you select the size you are after.
9 years ago
ZeZe, I agree about the store sampling experience being less than ideal - I usually walk away queasy, confused and reeking of multiple, conflicting scents. Plus, it takes time to assess a new fragrance which means a return trip for re-testing or possible purchase. I never rely on paper strips and only use them for an initial cull. Isn't it always the way that the first thing you daringly spray on skin turns out to be the scrubber of the day!
Getting carded samples is near impossible unless you make a purchase - even then you usually only get samples of whatever flanker they're flogging or something ho-hum that's been languishing unloved in the supply drawer.
So, yes, there's a market for mainstream sampling as well.
Stocking a wide range of niche would cost the earth unless one was also an official stockist (like Luckyscent} and had access to the house's tester bottles.

Oh, one more thought: a site like this is good when giving designer fragrance as a gift. I always try to include a sample of the fragrance along with the bottle. That way, if the recipient doesn't like the perfume after trying the sample they have the option of exchanging the still-sealed full bottle. I have heard of people decanting their own samples in-store from the tester bottles but I've never had the nerve!
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9 years ago
Brilliant. Thanks ZeZe! Postage is $7.95 which is pretty good. The unit prices are comparable to the U.S. ones. And it's in WA. Good on them for starting up something like that in Oz. Very clever of you to find it.

Totally agree re: samples v store testing. I just can't get a clear enough impression from a spritz in a store. And, invariably, a couple of hours later one really gorgeous scent will emerge from the morass and - for the life of me - I will not remember what I spayed on that spot.

Love samples because you can live with the scent for a while and really get a feel for it.

Thanks again ZeZe. Now, all we need is Scarletting's pre-loved perfume store and my niche store and we will be set! Laughing
9 years ago
I posted on their FB asking if they do requests for samples, the response was positive! Hopefully I won't scare them off by requesting some pricey brands. If we have a sample site within Australia that's willing to do requests we'd never have to blind buy bull bottles again!
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