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Your Thoughts on the IFRA?

10 years ago
Hey gang, my blood pressure is still up over this!

As it stands, nothing on the market is as it was in 2000. Even Chanel no 5 is radically different. Why ban it when its expensive imposter is still flying off of the shelves? Chanel is its own entity like LVMH or Coty. Its ruthless, conservative and poses as Coco, who would fire the entire Mickey Mouse operation! I started a thread on that "other site" (Chanel is a major sponsor there and is rather intolerant of critics) about its corruption and it was quick yanked. I am so glad I found a place to vent.

It looks as if the IFRA has been successful with its goal. Its tentacles have reached US shores. Just look at EA fragrances. Or the disgraceful Five Star Frgrance...

If it is a conspiracy posed by the EU, what is its ultimate goal? I only see ruthless US conglomerates(Proctor and Gamble, l'Oreal, Coty et al) destroying the European heritages. Globalization is a failure in this sense. You can build the world biggest mall in every city around the world, yet if there is nothing to sell, who cares?! What, no book, record or perfume shops?

Its so difficult to get imported cheese and wine anymore. Music is dead(Justin Bieber, really?). Hollywood is faltering. The publishing industry has been reduced to Twilight. Trite reality shows dominate television. It is a global cultural crisis that shows no sign of ending. And no, we cant blame the internet. Its the last source of sanity.

The merger of Federated Department stores in the US started the perfume mess as Macys became the only major anchor store domestically. Supply and demand was all that mattered. Quality is out of fashion. Even the clothes are cheap and ugly. Saks has even become estranged, yet still very expensive. Sephora is a joke with its perfume of the week. Call me old fashioned, yet Marshall Fields, The May Company et al were the best and foremost way to experience the classics.

We cannot go back, but we the consumer need to dig in our heels and say enough is enough!!!
10 years ago
Here are a few guerrilla tactics that can shake up rude sales girls at Macys or Sephora trying to push Lady Gagas latest swill.

Ask them if the they have any orignal bottle of Coco in stock? If so, is it in the original formula? They will insist it is the same and try to push it on you. Demand they open the box as opposed to the original tester. They wont unless you buy it with no returns on opened purchases.

I did this at the Estee Lauder counter. Clinique had just reformulated Aromatics Elixer in 2010. The tester was original. The box I purchased was not. I opened it in front of the shaken clerk, who pretended she couldnt tell a difference. I demanded she get her manager who after a dreadful confrontation(making her smell both formulas that she pretended she disliked both, yes it was ugly, shouting across the department), threatened to have me removed from the store. I demanded her manager, who apologized and gave me a refund and a toll free # to complain to Clinique. The whole ordeal lasted about 3 hours and I left with some satisfaction. Ultimately Aromatic Elixer is gone forever, so far. There is always a bigger fish. We the consumer are the Great White variety.

Yes, call your favorite house and ask why the formula is changed. They will deny it in most cases. L"oreal Paris is the worse. Ask to speak to someone higher up. In some cases they are helpful, explaining allegy concerns. Tell them this is unacceptable. Make sure you let them know you will no longer purchase the product.

Some tips, with lots of laughter from the from line!
10 years ago
Lots of food for thought, Krmarich. Weren't those old department stores wonderful? We didn't have the ones that you mentioned, but Bonwit Teller, Nan Duskin and Wanamaker's were beautiful stores with great customer service and perfume counters. All gone. Crying or Very sad
10 years ago
10 years ago
Oh dear. ew-allergens-in-perfumes-death-toll.html

These people have lost their everlasting minds.
10 years ago
I have never, ever run into any human being who was felled by either wearing classic ingredients or being near someone who was.
Sorry Aromi, I am the first then. Testing the discontinued Crown Fougère and Buckingham gave me one day in hospital.

I stand corrected then my friend. I'm sorry to hear that and you are truly THE FIRST person I ever encountered who has had reactions warranting more than putting distance between yourself and the aroma.
9 years ago
The issue is more complex than I originally thought. Apparently it is the European Union that is insisting that potential allergens be eliminated from perfume, and synthetics are being targeted along with naturals. The IFRA's problem seems to be an inability to organize its members in opposition to these regulations. Sorry for the confusion.

Here are two informative blogs pieces that discuss the issue in depth: lations-like-an-atomic-explosion.html banned.html

Good read, Cryptic, thanks for sharing!
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