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Your favorite strawberry scents?

Your favorite strawberry scents? 3 months ago

I am searching for a nice strawberry scent for winter. I know "La Capitale" and yes, I am thinking about buying it. However, since it is not cheap, and that is an understatement, I was wondering, what are your favorite strawberry scents? Would love to know!

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Kyse Perfumes & Ganache Parfums 3 months ago 1

I must confess, I haven't tried Sérénade aux FraisesSérénade aux Fraises but I've yet to find a Kyse Perfume fragrance I didn't enjoy. A 60ml bottle will set you back $61, which, compared to Fraaagola SaalaaataFraaagola Saalaaata (100ml at $160), is a steal. There was something about Fraaagola SaalaaataFraaagola Saalaaata I found lackluster. Not bad, just not quite up to the hype. I'm going to throw out another suggestion that isn't available at this point in time. Cheat DayCheat Day is one of my favorite strawberries-and-more scents. It reminds me a lot of Rebelle (Eau de Parfum)Rebelle Eau de Parfum but with authentic ingredients (by the way, Rebelle (Eau de Parfum)Rebelle Eau de Parfum isn't a bad strawberry but I found it too artificial for my taste). Presently, it's not for available on Ganache's website but knowing Jarek, the perfumer, it will be at some point soon. He's rolled out some oldies-but-goodies already; the reintroduction of Cheat DayCheat Day is only a matter of time. The most expensive bottle is 100ml at $85. I think he sells the classics for remarkably less. Last but not least there's always Strawberry / Fraise (Eau de Toilette)Strawberry Eau de Toilette, a simple, affordable strawberry. I prefer wearing the body butter over the edt but it will do in a pinch.

Best of luck in your search! Let us know what you find. Smile

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