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Keiko Mecheri ~ recommendations

Keiko Mecheri ~ recommendations 9 years ago
Do you have a favorite Keiko Mecheri scent? If so, which one and why? I'm about to order some samples and I was wondering which would be good to try. Thanks!
9 years ago
Like anything, much depends on your own personal taste.

My own favorite KM is "Umè" which is a fruity, plummy chypre. I wear it regularly in autumn and early winter.

I also own and love "Scarlett", and wear it often in summer, but I may be in the minority on that one.

I can also recommend "Mogador", a lovely blend of rose notes, "Genie des Bois", a woody violet, and "Cuir Cordoba", an iris/suede/benzoin fragrance that closely resembles Serge Lutens' Daim Blond.

I have owned bottles of all three of these last at some point, and I need to restock all three, but most especially "Cuir Cordoba"!

Oh, I just remembered. If you are a fan of sweet gourmands, try "Loukhoum". I am not a fan, but there are some who go crazy for this almond/rose/honey scent.
9 years ago
Thank you for those suggestions SystemeD. I, too, am curious about this line (especially the rose based perfumes) but have not ordered samples yet for two reasons:
-this house doesn't appear to be readily available in my country (meaning pricey postage for a bottle from O/S) and
-I often see reviews describing the perfumes as "quiet" or "polite in volume" which doesn't excite me, given niche prices.
Do any of the above have reasonable sillage/longevity?
9 years ago
Thank you for the recommendations SystemeD. I may pass on the Loukhoum, but the others sound worthy of a test run for sure, especially Ume!
9 years ago
Valandria,you could also check the recommendations in the link below. I's a previous discussion in Forum/Fragrance Consulting/Which Montale - Keiko Mercheri for me?

Canyon Dreams, Osmanthus and Hanae are also suggested by responders but it depends on your tastes. Might be worth reading.
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