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Perfume-related quotes

5 years ago
Thanks, Mia Smile

I often notice outside that I had forgotten to put on any perfume, but since I feel more comfortable with smelling with less than too much, I suppose it's fine by me. I can understand that, though.

Just came up with another quote (self-made; please imagine Bilbo's voice):"It is important to listen to your own nose, Frodo - otherwise, it might leave you and even steal your identity." -- credit to Gogol
5 years ago
I take it you're not a Jeremy fan, Anessa? Wink

Elle ne porte rien
D’autre qu’un peu
D’essence de Guerlain
Dans les cheveux...

Serge Gainsbourg

You know, I'm afraid I'm not a fan of Gainsbourg either, but at least, he has a different way to promote Guerlain than the other one who solely became famous with weather forecasts if (and with how much frequency) panties will be falling or not.

"To drop, or not to drop - that is the question"
5 years ago
"Good manners and good cologne is what transforms the man into a gentleman!"
~ Tom Ford ~
4 years ago
Jasmine, says the Parisian-born perfumer Frédéric Malle, “is like butter in French cuisine — add a little in the end or at the beginning and it will fill up the holes in your formulas.”
4 years ago

"... a curious scent of violets came back from Mrs. Dalloway, mingling with the soft rustling of her skirts, and the tinkling of her chains."

--Virginia Woolf, The Voyage Out
4 years ago
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4 years ago
Thanks for that, NicosV. Smile

Loved these:

"Fragrance speaks the loudest on a subliminal level."

"Perfume is a story in odor, sometimes a poetry in memory."

"Perfume is potentially a carrier for the imagination."
4 years ago
I like the one from JC Ellena too!

Perfume is the art that makes memory speak.
~ Francis Kurkdjian ~
4 years ago
"While there is great skepticism within the establishment part of the industry about the validity of thinking of perfume as an art, this is because they believe perfume is primarily about making money, and so the question is of little interest to them."

--Tania Sanchez, Perfumes The Guide 2018
4 years ago
“Perfume is a matter of seduction,” he says. “Don’t forget, the bees are going to the flower. And we are all bees.”

Jacques Cavallier Belletrud
4 years ago
Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud might be right for the majority of people, but I prefer flowers to bees Wink

"The scent of the blossoms will not stay on the branches they have fallen from
but will remain deeply fragrant on the sleeves" (from The Tale of Genji)
Nobles enjoyed mixing fragrances and making solid perfume incenses, using as a room- and also fabric scent transferred onto their clothes.
4 years ago
Another one from Perfumes The Guide 2018:

"Whereas perfumes used to be like novels, they are now more like blog posts..."
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