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"Love, the Key to Life" perfume

"Love, the Key to Life" perfume 7 years ago
I am smitten again. And that just because of those glorious reviews about this perfume on the German twin site.
And so I threw all caution aside and blind bought it directly from the brand website. Have a look:
Quite impressive, don't you think?

Now I wonder whether anyone on the English site has come across this perfume or heard about it?
It seems to be flying under the radar since 2008.
7 years ago
I've never heard of it. I am definitely intrigued!
7 years ago
I tested this perfume, and it was good, but really differs by skin type. White flowers and clean citrus vs. honey and orange blossom... Unfortunately I did not find it outstanding. I hope that you will enjoy it more!
7 years ago
Hello Ladies,

I have it..... and it is, musk...I don't know to describe it, but I like it a lot. Always I like powdery perfumes, but this one is flowery and I love it a lot.
I have many compliments each time I wear it.

Hope you like it!
7 years ago
I am a little disappointed. Not that it is not a beautiful perfume ... but I have to, sort of, warm up to it. Not ready to say more, I wrote a Statement.

That says it in a nut shell but does not do the perfume justice.
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