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Help! I don't know the name of my dead mom's perfume 1 year ago

When I was a child my mom died suddenly and since then it has become a mission of mine to figure out the name of the perfume she regularly wore. I still have her bottle of the perfume, but I feel uncomfortable using it since it is the last thing I have left that smells like her. Unfortunately there is no brand name or anything on the bottle so I was hoping that perhaps someone on here recognizes the description of it.

It is a clear bulb shaped perfume bottle with green and pink dots on it and the cap of it is small, round and pink.


1 year ago

I know this is very sensitive but would you be willing to share a picture of the bottle you have? My first thoughts were something by Avon or Love's Baby Soft? I'm so sorry for your loss as a child but how lovely that you have a cherished piece of her.

What was your Mother’s last year? 1 year ago

Years of your life and your Mothers last year can narrow down your findings. Ill try to help you, but I need to start with these years and go down the list. Country of your residence at that time might help a lot too. Scents have very strong impact on us. I wish you best to find yours.

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