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The most beautiful and well-crafted Flacons

Judith Leiber - the handbag lady 9 years ago
also has a few perfumes -

Exotic Coral - Topaz - Night
9 years ago
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9 years ago
Blech, the Opium cases are trying so hard to look like inro it's not even funny. Anyway, has nobody brought up Serge Lutens's round-base bottles? They are gorgeous in their simplicity, IMHO rivalled only by the classic Chanel carré bottles in understated elegance. SL's rectangular bottles are beautiful too. To wit:

Chanel gets extra points for sticking with similar bottle designs with only a few exceptions, which look good too (I'm leaving the smell out of it).

Also I love the Guerlain Aqua Allegoria and Abeille bottles, so glad somebody posted them!

Tom Ford's Private Blends are nice in the classic simplicity department, too, making me think of old medicine bottles.

Mugler bottle's then are almost always at least interesting if not brilliant. The Alien, which is my signature scent, has a gorgeous bottle; so does Womanity, even though it divides people into love/hate camps (both the bottle and the juice). Les Parfums de Cuir flankers are also cool, and look like Alien's offspring.

And I hate to admit it because I hate Lady Gaga's music and persona with a vengeance that her perfume bottle looks striking, somewhat reminiscent of Alien.

But I don't get how could anybody NOT love the fairies on Féerie bottles? They are so cute!

Or how about Pleats Please? Love the bottle design, tempted to buy the perfumes just because of that...

8 years ago
I love the bottles of
Dalì Femme (the mouth-nose bottle)
Idole EdP (Lubin)
Oud Imperial (Perris Monte Carlo)
Oud Royal (Armani)
Bijan Woman
Sahara Noir (Tom Ford)
Angel (Mugler)
Rajasthan (ETRO)

and many, many others....
MDCI Paris Flacons 8 years ago
The stoppers are statues, one male and one female. It turns out that the owner, Claude Marchal, also was the sculptor. See this link to Fragrantica when he talks about it. -Marchal-MDCI--760.html

"La Belle Helene" is one of my favorites. The gentle pear scent is housed in a glorious bottle, with the gentle feminine head.

The bottles seem bigger in the photos - when I visited the store Osswald in SoHo, New York City, I saw the real thing, l=en&socfid=web:lu:kp:placepageimage&socpid=1# 101198026493622054937/photos

and they look dainty. Such a bottle is a collector's object - if one has the money for this exquisite type of luxury ... blending harmoniously the image with the scent inside. That was the intent of MDCI Paris as the concept began. The bottle was there first, the brief to the perfumers followed.
8 years ago
I love this thread. It's an absolute feast for the eyes. Beautiful bottles are all part of the overall attraction for me of the perfumista experience but I rarely, if ever, give any thought to who designs these beauties.

I also love the Guerlain 'bee' bottles.

8 years ago
Ohh, yes to the Guerlain bee bottles! Here are some others that I like, more modern in their approach:


Issey Miyake

Comme des Garçons

Re: The most beautiful and Well crafted Flacons 8 years ago
What is the most well crafted flacons you ever saw?
in your collection in a Department store in Ads
IMHO These have to be the most beautiful

I adore these black bottles with an Asian motif. Let's not forget a bottle of classic Zen, which adorned my mom's bathroom counter for many years (though I don't think she ever wore it).

4 years ago
Arooq Al Oud's flacon I like. Perfect bling.

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