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Dark Smoky Fragrances

Dark Smoky Fragrances 5 years ago
I would like to receive and share opinions (what and why) on Dark and Smoky fragrances.
Please advise about the respective range of pricing as well.
Smoke 5 years ago
I recommend Cuir Les Nombres D'Or Eau de Parfum by Mona di Orio. It’s shockingly abrasive and bold. You might choke some people out depending on how it mixes with your skin chemistry, but it will definitely make a statement. It’s comparable to Yosh’s Sombre Negra in its masculinity, but it achieves this status through aggressive culinary smoke and biker jacket notes. It’s a dead of winter kind of scent.
I also recommend Pathetique by O’Driu. It’s got a peculiarly delicious, smoky almond tiramisu vibe. So eccentric and intriguing, yet accessible and just plain yummy!
Also, By The Fireplace by Replica is excellent. It’s a very comforting, confidence-inspiring scent. It’s made to smell just as it’s titled and that draws me into many scent memories from when I’ve just felt at contemplative peace by a fire.
5 years ago
Thanks Ptashmanm, it seems like some nice suggestions. To tell you the truth I never tried any of your suggestions. I am going to investigaste them. My aim is to publish all the findings together with my own experiences. I found some very nice examples in the designers offers as well. I am currently trying Charriol Royal Gold Intense, John Varvatos Dark Rebel and Dark Rebel Rider.
Let's keep info and scents flowing,
Carlos / Carlitos

PS - I noticed you are a newcommer to this Parfumo comunity. Wellcome and enjoy.
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5 years ago
I love smoky scents so I'll be following this topic. I'm curious to know more of what's out there, too.

Here are some smokies (either woody or resinous) I've tried and loved:
• "Sahara Noir" by Tom Ford (discontinued)
• "L'Agent" by Agent Provocateur
• "Noir Exquis" by L'Artisan Parfumeur
• "Amour Conjure" by Alkemia
• "No. 05 - Incense Extreme" by Tauer Perfumes

I used to have "Passage D'Enfer" by L'Artisan Parfumeur but there was something bitter about it on my skin. It's a great smoky, though, and it's worth testing.
5 years ago
I have Smoke and Mirrors by Alkemia.
Nice to wear to my oyster roasts Smile Other then that I layer it over some fragrances to tone it down a bit.
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Some suggestions that I never tried 5 years ago
Has anyone tried?
- Fumerie Turque by Serge Lutens
- Bois Noir by Robert Piguet
- Faqat Lil Rijal by Rasasi
5 years ago
That's a pretty broad genre - have fun exploring! Using Parfumo you can explore by note, search online, sniff and search online - and repeat...

I have a couple suggestions of dark and smoky categories for you to help you navigate the crowded and hazy terrain, there are many examples in each category, I just list my favourites:

Leathery incense: Amouage Tribute is an attar showcasing a strong leather with smouldering incense and tobacco. Spices and florals weave around these three supports - if you can get your nose on a drop it will be a benchmark for sure! Lots of Cuir de ... whatever fragrances are smoky, let your nose guide you. Oddly Mona d'Orio Vanille is a much more convincing smoky leather (and more...) than her Cuir.

Smouldering rich cured tobacco: Parfums d'Empire Tabac Tabou is such a delectable liquor rich cured tobacco I'm never quite sure if it's drinkable or smokable.

Campfire: Your choice, Andy Tauer's Lonesome Rider has his campfire in a warm evening meadow of flowers, Slumberhouse is in a deep dark pine forest with Norne's small signalling fire.

Abstract: Comme des Garcons Black has all the black, but overall impression is of a slightly spicy stay ashy smoke slightly sweetened with liquorice. Also Etat Libre d'Orange Rien Intense Incense is on the surface a great smoky leathery incense but I somehow never lose the sense that it is created by cgi trickery - as if you could walk behind the screen and see the workings of it.

Smoky incense: Andy Tauer's Incense Flash is a much darker take than his light and creamy Incense Extreme. The Flash smokes and buzzed and gives great bang for buck.

Otherwise, if you interpret dark and smoky as an earthy smell, look out for peat as a fragrance note. Woods can give a dark and smoky vibe - of particular note Guaicwood, Oud, Wenge and amongst the resins Labdanim gives a buzzing heated electrics vibe. For woods and laudanum I'll recommend Tom Ford Tobacco Oud - it's loaded with lovely laudanum too.

Of those you mention, I love Fumerie Turque, but it's never a dark and smoky, more unlit candy tobacco. If you know the stuff they put in Hookah pipes, you know the smell.
4 years ago
Zadig & Voltaire This Is Him!
4 years ago
T-Rex by Zoologist. It doesn't get smokier than that.
4 years ago
Personally I like the way vetiver pairs with smoky notes and it can get quite dark. There is one very popular perfume in this genre that needs no mention - it looks like a black bottle of ink. But one I would like to suggest is Vitrum by Sammarco which I have been sampling recently. The smoke here is somewhere between incense and charred wood.

As for zoologist, in my opinion Rhinoceros is darker and more oriented around smoke than Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Carlitos01, question for you: I see your review of Memoir Man by Amouage where you mention incense, but not smoke. Are these things different to you and how do they relate?
4 years ago
A good smoky incense is Bowmakers by DS & Durga.
3 years ago
Ungaro I
3 years ago
A beautiful Smokey perfume is Jo Loves - smoked plum. I love it❤️❤️
3 years ago
Please try amouage interlude man one of the best smokey perfumes in the world.
3 years ago
Please try amouage interlude man one of the best smokey perfumes in the world.

I prefer Memoir Man. More beautiful composition.
3 years ago
- Encre Noir extreme
- Orto Parisi Terroni
- Byredo Oud Immortel

Dark and smoky:
- Zoologyst T-REX
-Interlude, Memoir man but those were already mentioned

- Timbuktu
-Pryn - Ayothaya, Turkish Leather

And if you want something really dark, smokey, and a general WTF reaction around you then try anything from Beaufort London, they are the darkest compositions I have ever smelled.
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