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Modern Dirty-florals with a vintage flair

Modern Dirty-florals with a vintage flair 2 years ago
Hello lovely people,
I am very much a fan of this style of fragrances and I am lucky to have several loves in my collection. By dirty I mean a good dose of any of these: patchouli, resins, spices, animalics, oakmoss, smoke. I am wondering if there are other ones I should try that I might have missed.
I own and love:
Beloved by Amouage
Fleur de Cassie by Frederic Malle
1876 Mata Hari by Histoire de Parfums
Agent Provocateur
Voleur de Roses by L'Artisan Parfumeur
Une folie de roses by Les parfums de Rosine
2 years ago
I know you mentioned a fondness for Miller Harris. Have you tried "L'Air de Rien"? I wanted to like it but I found it too dank, due to the heavy oakmoss on my skin. It had the same vibe as "Agent Provocateur" but creamier (vanilla).

Vintage (and vintage-inspired) florals I've been enjoying:
→♦ Ralph Lauren "Safari"
→♦ Jean-Louis Scherrer "Jean-Louis Scherrer (Eau de Toilette)"
→♦ Bond No. 9 "Madison Soirée"
→♦ Jean Desprez "Bal à Versailles (Eau de Toilette)"
→♦ Rochas "Madame Rochas (1989) (Eau de Parfum)"
2 years ago
thank you for your feedback.
I found L'air de Rien to be somewhat underwhelming. A bit too subtle for my tastes. In the same genre, I prefer Kama from Ava Luxe.
I am not fond of many vintage fragrances, not to wear on me anyhow. I love the smell of Safari but when I had a decant, I did not reach for it much.
For richer vintage fragrances, I enjoy wearing a few orientals such as Femme Rochas and Samsara.
I will have a look at the Bond 9.
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