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'Lost' Adrienne Vittadini Fragrance

'Lost' Adrienne Vittadini Fragrance 2 years ago
I recently purchased an Adrienne Vittadini perfume called Desire. It comes in a beautiful purple flowered bottle, the perfume itself is a fruity vanilla. I can find no information anywhere about it - the only place it's listed is on the perfume site where I bought it. While trying to track it down I noticed that this has happened with some of her other perfumes too. Does anyone know why this is?
2 years ago
How unfortunate! I found a bottle on FragranceNet* and I'm fighting the urge to buy it. I love just about anything vanilla based so it sounds like it could be a good one to have. I digress.

I don't know why some perfumes get attention while others fade into obscurity, or in this case, are born into obscurity. I was wearing "Bronze (Eau de Parfum)" by Ellen Tracy a few days ago. I decided to read some of the reviews for it and found the reviewers pondering how this gem was relegated to the clearance bins of TJ Maxx and Ross. Still, it was saved from total obscurity, unlike AV Desire or Oscar de la Renta's Something Gold, one I've had my eye on.

*No affiliation, I just have a terrible habit of handing over my hard earned cash to them.
vanilla 2 years ago
I think anyone who loves vanilla would love this fragrance - and sorry to repeat myself, but the bottle is SO pretty!
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