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Simple pleasures - Perfumed body wash

Simple pleasures - Perfumed body wash 7 years ago
There is nothing as nice - well almost - like a fresh, perfumed shower. Numerous products are on the market but one stands out - ollection

I have the "Adore Forever" - really nice.

12 hours of lasting fragrance - that is exaggerated but the initial burst of fine fragrance is nice.
Beware of perfumed body wash! 7 years ago
To be honest, I prefer soaps and body washs that are not strongly scented. I don't want them to interfere with the perfume that I will be wearing.

It is quite difficult to find products that aren't scented at all, so I go for somethimg that smells nicely, is discreet and without lots of longevity. I feel very much at home with Speick.
7 years ago
Sadly, Caress is owned by Unilever, which tests on animals: -on-animals/

Many of the mainstream brands are owned by Procter & Gamble or L'Oreal, both of which do. I have some products of theirs, but I take care not to buy any new ones. If I really want something by Gucci, Lauren, Lancome, The Body Shop, etc., I buy it used on eBay so I'm not putting money in the pockets of these cruel companies.
7 years ago
I like scented body washes, but I don't get them often because I can't smell them long after I get out. One I love (but refuse to buy) is L'Occitane's Amande Body Oil. It smells amazing (as does everything from this particular line), but it is $40 a bottle. No way - not for a shower item. I have been using Sephora's "100 point perk" sample sizes of it for a couple months, but I think they just stopped featuring those. Sad

Another I like is Dove's Magnolia and Pistachio body wash. It smells so good aaaand it's a little more affordable/reasonable.
7 years ago
Needed something to push my order up into "free shipping" and stumbled upon this beauty- lovely spicy lily and carnation- went back and ordered another bottle and the room diffuser immediately I'm lovin' it!
Casa by Apothia
6 years ago
I like to use scented shower gels from perfume designers, even if they are expensive.
I think it's a good idea to buy a shower gel of the perfume you want instead of blind buying a perfume bottle; as it's much easier to finish if it's a scent you didn't like so much. With the shower gels you can enjoy perfume without have it around you all day (especially powerhouse scents)
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