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Bcars10Bcars10 Alien flanker help 30.10.2017, 18:16
Hey y'all!

These are the Aliens I've tried: Alien (the original one), Alien Absolue, and Alien Le Gout. The original Alien smells rather, well...alien on my skin! It's like grape Kool-aid and mushrooms. But the other two smell really good, but I'm not sure I can really tell them apart that well, as I only had tiny samples.

Basically, I want to add a nice-smelling jasmine to my perfume wardrobe, but not the headache-inducing jasmine of the original Alien. Am I missing something from any of the the other flankers? Can someone describe to me the true differences between all of these Alien perfumes?! The array is dizzying!

Thank you, thank you!

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CincyCincy 31.10.2017, 18:06
Sorry, no help from me. Had to chuckle on grape Kool-aid and mushrooms. Very Happy

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SuzanneSSuzanneS 03.11.2017, 19:06
Try Alien Extrordinaire or Alien Edt. Its less "grapey" infact AE is lighter in feel than the Alien EDP. I found Alien EDT more floral too. Theres a heaviness in Alien EDP that I cant handle with the base but these two are the "aliens" I can handle.

If you are looking for Jasmine fragrances, I find Serge Lutens A La Nuit a more true to life jasmine.
Good luck to you!!

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Isabelle1Isabelle1 Alien liqueur de parfum 08.11.2017, 01:00
Alien liqueur de parfum is heaven, the 2013, it is made as a limited edition, but it is still available, i have bought 4 bottles as back up, they are only available in beautiful 30 ml bottles, the sad thing is that they are no bargains...

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