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FragranceX and testers?

FragranceX and testers? 8 years ago
Has anyone bought testers at FragranceX ?
8 years ago
Nerys, I've not bought from FragranceX but I think they are considered reputable? Their website really annoys me because they advertise lots of fragrances, particularly hard to find ones, which are never, ever in stock e.g. The entire Jean Patou back catalogue or many of Serge Lutens. I think this is a lure to get customers to visit the site (it worked on me) but it's a disingenuous tactic and so I've never purchased from them.
A plain box is the usual for tester bottles and often there's no cap but I would be reluctant to buy an unboxed bottle as there's the possibility it's had prolonged exposure to light.
8 years ago
I shop with FragranceX a lot and barring one missing package (which I was fully refunded for) I find their service to be reputable. I've had some very special 'pure perfumes' from them and while some of their stock is not always available they are efficient and cost effective. I have a few of their Tester bottles and have never had issue with these.
8 years ago
I've bought many many from FX.. All good except for my foray into WORTH. I thought to reacquaint myself with Je Reviens and try Courtesan. Both bottles were decidedly off. To be safe I would buy from them if you are planning to use your fumes up within a year or so.
8 years ago
I have bought many bottles of fragrances from them, no testers though). The only reason I don't purchase from them anymore, is since we have entered the EU, i had to pay large duty tax the last two orders, so I only buy from EU sites now. But, fragranceX products were always fresh, and well packed.
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