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Coffee with love 2 months ago

Hi all,

So what is you favorite coffee scent? If you have more pls feel free to add them as well Smile

My roasted & toasted items 2 months ago 1
Re: My roasted & toasted items 12 days ago

Hi there,

In my collection I've got Jacomo for MenJacomo for Men, Cuir de NuitCuir de Nuit, GeoBlack Man (Eau de Toilette)GeoBlack Man Eau de Toilette, RawaaRawaa, Just Cavalli Gold for HimJust Cavalli Gold for Him, BlackSoul Imperial (Eau de Toilette)BlackSoul Imperial Eau de Toilette, Rochas Man (Eau de Toilette)Rochas Man Eau de Toilette, A*Men / Angel MenA*Men, and Les Signes de Grès - Fruit de la CréativitéLes Signes de Grès - Fruit de la Créativité. All features coffee beans in their concoction. I adore them, what else?


Good ones. Ones I would like to try are Follow by Kerosene and also Fidelis by HP. They should be great coffee scents with a realistic coffee note in both.
I appreciate your list and I will try to get a sample from some of the ones you mentioned 😀👍

1 day ago

Montale Intense Cafe 🙈💣

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