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Storing & Organising Your Perfumes

10 years ago
an old picture

But as you can see, this is the only perfume shelf. When I run out of room on that I'm done for a while. I have room for 1 or maybe 2 more but thats it.
10 years ago
OCD? Color + size coordinate? Did Somebody call my name? LOL Laughing

I did keep my samples upright in a shoebox lit filled with that green flower piece stuff (oasis), but at one point the shoe lits became to much.(I had 3, over 400 samples)

So then I bought plastic boxes with compartments that I can make bigger and smaller: (and did a big give-away of unloved samples)
Bottom shelf: (and yes: to the right is the collection of my son 5yo hihi)
I have 5 of those plastic containers: 2 with samples to keep, 1 with "maybe's" and 2 with samples that can go Smile
The basket is full with samples that just came in and need to be tested.

All need and tidy Cool

That cabinet is awesome and really looks like something I'd love to emulate. Currently I have five perfume trays displayed and several drawers of boxed perfumes. This system would allow me to store all the perfumes in one place and in total darkness.
10 years ago
bumping this up for steve.
10 years ago
Yes, I will take some pics for you.
10 years ago
Posted a few pics for you Dlane in my alblum. Not all fragrances so I will not post them here.
10 years ago
Wow, Guusje!!

Just when I though my collection was getting too big, your collection suddenly makes me feel much better about it.

As for myself, I'm happy to say that I stumbled on a nice little curio cabinet on Craigslist for $85. It's a bit small but beautiful. It definitely serves it's purpose.
10 years ago
I don't have a huge collection of fragrances so everything is kept in one large dresser drawer. I also keep everything in original boxes for the simple reason that I wouldn't be able to find or choose a particular fragrance to wear based on looking at the bottles. How do those of you with really large collections tell everything apart when bottles are out of boxes? Shocked

Decants are another issue. It's always difficult to organize decants given the variety of sizes and shapes of containers. A few months ago I stumbled across a cosmetics organizer at Bed, Bath & Beyond that works well for me. The picture makes it look rather small but consider that each of the small, square partitions will hold six 1 ml splash vials or four 3ml spray decant bottles used by Surrender to Chance or two 2 ml decant bottles used by Perfumed Court. The back row of large partitions will accommodate a wide variety of larger sizes, shapes and boxes.

I know, still not enough room for many of you Very Happy but 2 organizers is still enough room to hold dozens of decants. hed-multi-purpose-cosmetic-organizer-caddy.htm l
Perfume Storage 10 years ago
I don't have a single ideal cabinet set-up for my precious fumes. They are all over. However all are in relatively cool areas and all those not in light resistant bottles are stored in the dark in various miscellaneous drawers, cabinets and so forth.

Ideally, money being no object in my fantasy world, I would like a Chinese or Korean lacquered cabinet in a temperature controlled boudoir powder room along with all other cosmetics.

Here are some fantasy ideas of my ideal Perfume Cabinet.

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10 years ago
Wow. What a beauty! You could design a whole room around this lovely chest.

Thanks Diane! I wish I could do that! Would be fabulous! Unfortunately also fabulously expensive. Especially the Korean style that is my favorite. But.....lovely to dream! Very Happy
Re: Perfume Storage 9 years ago
I think the first one is my favorite, FloraMilena.
9 years ago
I keep mine on mirrored trays on my bureaus and vanities except for a little cabinet that holds my miniatures.

I also keep all of my boxes stored away in cartons in the unlikely event I'd want to sell them some day. But they're out of the way of sunlight, every few weeks I'm always re-arranging my trays (dusting them, etc.).

My carded samples I keep in vintage talc containers that I have. They're decorative anyway and they protect. My samples that I get from places like Sephora I stand up in a closed box.

I'd really like to keep them in an armoire but I don't have the space.
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