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Dupes - your top five 7 years ago
What are the top five dupes or smell-a-likes for men and women?
7 years ago
I'd like a little more detail on what you want.
Do you mean what scents are the most often imitated? (There must be dozens of imitations of Light Blue and of Coco Mlle.)
Do you mean scents that smell the same in both the male and female versions?
Do you mean scents that do an excellent job of imitating more expensive scents?
clones 7 years ago
What are the best clones of more expensive fragrances. Your top five. If you can give the name of the expensive fragrance and the name of the clone alternative.
Clones 7 years ago
1. Carriere by Gendarme= Pure Grace by Philosophy
2. Perfect Veil by Sarah Horowitz= Nude Musk by Ava Luxe
3. Artemesia by Penhaligon= Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan
4. Philosykos by Diptique= Mediterranean Fig by Pacifica
5. No.9 Blackberry Musk by Trish McEvoy= Falling In Love by Philosophy
7 years ago
1. S.T. Dupont intense pour femme - Gucci Eau de parfum
2. S.T. Dupont, Miss Dupont - Miracle by Lancome
3. Gianfranco Ferre Essence d'Eau - Poeme by Lancome
4. En avril un soir by yves rocher - Rive gauche by YSL
5. Dancing lady by oriflame - Noa by Cacharel
7 years ago
Monotheme - Leather & Tom Ford - Tuscan Leather
Pal Zileri - Viaggio d'Africa & Hermes Vetiver Tonka
Pal Zileri - Sartoriale & Gucci - Rush
Chanel Allure Homme Sport Cologne Sport & Christian Dior Homme Cologne 2013
6 years ago
Serge Lutens Daim Blond = Keiko Mecheri Cuir Cordoba
3 years ago
A few dupes/clones/replicas that I own;

* - Urban Elements: Stone (by NEXT UK clothing store) = excellent smell-a-like of Dior Sauvage EDT, fantastic performance too especially at a low price (£15 for 100ml), they do an Aventus style fragrance too that I don't own. I initially bought this in view of also buying DS (for special occasions) but I've realised this kind of scent is not something I'd want to spend so much money on, it's fresh and peppery and great as a dumb reach scent but I don't get all the Sauvage worship at all!

* - Club de Nuit Intense Man by Armaf =I'm sure most people know this one but if you don't it's a superb version of Creed's Aventus (the more smokey batches). Beast mode performance from mine Feb 2018 batch made in France black sprayer (don't believe the critics of recent batches-probably want to keep it all for themselves- or do it's up to you).

* - Edge Man Intense by Swiss Arabian = another Aventus like fragrance, this one is incredibly fruity though, spray this and it's like swimming in pineapple juice.

* - Command by Sapil (AKA Sapil Style Scents) = this is very similar to Invictus by Paco Rabanne, it's available at very low prices online (as is Edge Man Intense by Swiss Arabian) good performance too but I'm not in love with this or Invictus, much prefer Montblanc Legend Spirit which has a more interesting as well as fresher and less sweet scent.

* - Kudos by Milton Lloyd = to me this smells just like Terre d'Hermes EDT (especially after the initial blast) at a fraction of the price and with similar performance. Sure it's not quite as refined perhaps but for the price I think it's unbeatable!
3 years ago
I like topics like these!
I'm not saying these are spot-on dupes but the similarities are undeniable to my nose.

¢ >-- $
Yves Rocher "Vanille Noire" >-- Christian Dior "Hypnotic Poison"
Sarah Jessica Parker "Lovely" >-- Narciso Rodriguez "For Her"
Vera Wang "Rose Buds and Vanilla" >-- Mancera "Roses Vanille"
Jessica Simpson "Fancy Nights" >-- Prada "Prada (2003) / Prada Amber"
The Body Shop "Polynesian Island Tiaré" >-- Comptoir Sud Pacifique "Aloha Tiaré"
Affordable masterpieces 3 years ago
1. Ajmal silver shade - clone of Creed Silver Mountain Water. This one is strong contender, can't be ignored. Very very close to SMW and has excellent longevity. This is for people who love metal note along with mountain breeze. So cooling, perfect for summers and gym. Might not be lady's favorite, but very enjoyable indeed.

2. Rasasi Daarej - clone of Valentino V (now discontinued) This is hyped one and to some extent hype is justified. It is spicy sweet and is good for dates.

3. Armaf club de nuit intense - clone of Tom Ford Noir De Noir, this one is bold in rose note and it is bit tarty and is excellent for intimate moments. Rose is sensual note anyway.

4. Rasasi La Yuqawam Pour Homme - clone of Tom Ford Tuscan leather, perfect for winters for bringing out posh in you. Leathery fruity, I will never call it sweet personally due to strong leather presence but it has raspberry note. (Read somewhere it matters from how much distance you spray it and it does, shall spray from atleast 30 cm for evolution to middle notes faster which is the beautiful part)

5. Coty Aspen for men - clone hybrid of Creed Green Irish Tweed and Davidoff Cool Water, this one takes you back to nature, and is very bright green bit synthetic (I have shared review on this one). Is it replacement to GIT, not at all. I love GIT which is more wearable, complex and rich.

List is in order of my preference.
3 years ago
Rasasi La Yuqawam for Tuscan Leather
Armaf Club de Nuit Intense Woman for Noir de Noir
L'Erbolario Meharees for Musc ravageur
Teo Cabanel Barkhane for Ivory Route
Armaf Tres Nuit for green irish tweed
3 years ago
@Xanthon and @Pepdal thanks for the recommendations!

I'm craving more dupes. Anyone?
3 years ago
Reve Indien by Fragonard is similar like a dupe of 1980s Shalimar by Guerlain which I wear many years in my 30s.
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